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Natural beauty products are inexpensive, fun to make and contain easy to find ingredients, such as yogurt, fruit, aloe, glycerin, olive oil, sugar, salt, etc. They can have lovely scents, too, by adding essential oils such as vanilla, lavender, sandalwood, cinnamon or other spices and herbs. Many of these ingredients are already in your kitchen cupboards. Others can be found at the grocery store, health food store, specialty herb shops or online. A quick search online will also yield many recipes for natural beauty products, including bath products, skin care products, hair care - even cosmetics. A good example is witch hazel, used to treat acne, and also as a natural astringent.

Epsom salts and borax have also been used for years as a bath soak. A basic bath salts recipe includes 3 parts Epsom salts, 2 parts baking soda, 1 part table salt or borax, and a scented herbal or floral essential oil. Mix the ingredients thoroughly and add two tablespoons to one-half cup of the salts to a full tub of water. Now sit back, relax and enjoy! Lavender oil is an especially good scent for relaxation. Milk and honey have also been used for centuries in natural beauty product recipes. For a soothing milk bath, combine 1 and ˝ cups whole milk or cream (or a combination of both) with 1/3 cup honey and 3 tablespoons lavender flowers (or several drops of lavender oil.) Dried lavender flowers can be found in the gourmet spice section of specialty stores. Process the flowers in a blender until they become a powder to add to the mix. Store in the refrigerator for up to one week. Both chamomile and lavender have been proven to relieve inflammation, and induce relaxation. Chamomile is used to soothe skin rashes (including eczema), minor burns and sunburn. It’s often used in lotions or added in oil form to a bath.

Rose petals and rose water are two other ingredients often used in natural beauty products. Draw a warm bath and add one cup rose petals or ˝ cup rose water for a fragrant, relaxing experience. To soften skin, a half cup coconut milk or whole milk may also be added to the bath. Roses offer a wide variety of therapeutic and beauty benefits. It was a favorite beauty product used by Cleopatra and was also extremely valued in ancient Persia and Egypt and ancient Greece. Rose water is one of the most common products made from the distillation process of rose petals. Rose water has also been used as a soothing under eye treatment. Soak cotton balls with rose water, squeeze out the liquid and then freeze. These frozen “rose balls” can then be used as a natural treatment for under eye dark circles and puffiness.


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