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Natural cosmetics were once considered a “niche” market, but they are becoming more mainstream. While there is assurance from the large cosmetics companies that their various ingredients are safe to use, there is a growing market for cosmetics without any “synthetic” ingredients. More and more natural cosmetics using preservative free ingredients and organic materials are being developed. Organic cosmetics are generally considered suitable for use by persons with sensitive skin. Ingredients in cosmetics are highly regulated in most countries. Even so, many people don’t trust the use of synthetic materials, especially when they are applying them to their skin. This is leading to many cosmetic companies coming out with "all natural" and "organic" products. These natural cosmetics contain pure crushed minerals from the earth, fruit and vegetable extracts and plant ingredients.

There are a few tried and true natural cosmetics that one can easily make at home. A pure charcoal pencil, found at art supply stores, can be used for eyebrow pencil. You may need to wet it with water or a little bit of vitamin E first. You could also use a capsule of activated charcoal. Empty it into a saucer. Mix glycerin and water, half and half, and add it to the charcoal powder until you get the consistency you like. It may also be used with a brush for lashed or used as an eyeliner, but use carefully and try not to get any in the eyes.

Beet root makes a good natural lipstick. Combine one teaspoon of 100% vegetable glycerin with the beet root powder. Stir until smooth and then add one-half teaspoon vitamin E oil or olive oil. Apply with your finger or a brush. Cornstarch can be used as a face powder, and combined with beer root powder, it makes a nice blush. Add fifty percent glycerin to cornstarch to make a paste. Slowly add beer root powder for desired color.


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